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Welcome to the Ranums' Panat Times!


May 2015: Despite several computer glitches, we have published several new pages this spring. Soon we will be preparing our bags for the annual stay at Panat, where we hope to have an abundance of "time" for reading and musing. Have a great summer, everyone!


Welcome to the up-dated version of The Ranums’ Panat Times!

The site crashed in the fall of 2014 and has been entirely rebuilt, using a new computer program.

This new version differs visually from the old one, but in the main the contents are the same. We hope that the numerous "navigation" options at the left, will make it easier to find your way about the site.

The pages have been given the same identifying URL (“http://” plus the name of the page) that they had before the crash. We hope this will facilitate locating a page that is cited in a scholarly journal. In addition, by clicking “Contents, original Volume 1” at the top of the left-hand menu, you can peruse the contents of the original site, pre-October 2014, complete with the URL of each page.

Most pages have now been re-formatted and re-published in this reworked version of Volume 1: the title appears as a blue link that will take you to the page. If you see only the URL in black and white, you will know that the page will not be replicated.

Indeed, some pages will not be replicated here, because they are outdated, or they have been published on paper elsewhere. We will so indicate and, where appropriate, will provide information about where to find the omitted material.

Finally, Patricia begs your indulgence about inconsistent italics and the absence of superscripts in French abbreviations: the new program strips the text of all italics. Tracking down each italicized word is extremely time-consuming. Creating superscripts is even more onerous: it takes six keystrokes to create a single superscript letter! And the most frustrating of all, in a few files the French diphthong œ has disappeared without even leaving a space: thus œil becomes il, and sœur becomes sur! Our readers will have to be a bit inventive...Patricia keeps her eye out for this particular error, but additional eyes are welcome: so if you find a page with that flaw, write her an email with the URL of the page. She thanks you in advance!


January 11, 2015