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Chronologies of Charpentier's compositions

Note: these pages were first published in the late 1990s, and they were several years old at the time. During the past decade, new findings have sometimes led to other conclusions. Try, therefore, to compare the pages listed below with my later writings.

These charts draw a distinction between the content of the two numbered and chronologically parallel series of autograph notebooks that contain his compositions:

As a global assumption (an assumption borne out for the works whose raison d'être has been identified), the so-called "French" or arabic-numbered series contains work done for his fulltime employer, and the so-called "Roman" or roman-numbered series contains outside commissions. You can reach the two sets of notebooks by clicking one of these links:

 "French" Cahiers        "Roman" Cahiers

In replacing these files, I preserved only the central column of the tables that shows the title and "H" of the piece. To it I have added the date (that originally was in the left-hand column), and I evoke the nature of the performing ensemble. For the ensemble and further information on the individual piece, see the tables at the end of the three versions of Catherine Cessac's Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

I have taken the trouble to re-format these files for two reasons. First of all, they may well have been cited in a scholarly article, so I cannot simply toss them away. Secondly, they provide insights into how I tried to make sense of the chronological order of Charpentier's pieces and match my observations with the chronology I had been able to establish for Guise activities.

These charts use the same color-coding as the files about "Guise Activities" and "Evidence for dating". I repeat the coding here: