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The Art of Rhetoric: Declamation

No article on rhetoric in French Baroque music is in preparation, but you may want to look at this list of pages published in the original Volume 1:

Rhetoric in French Song and Instrumental Music

A dot at the beginning of a musical measure: What did it mean for Marc-Antoine Charpentier?

A dot at the beginning of a musical measure: What was their rhetorical significance for Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre?

Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Jesuit rhetoric, the Journal de Trévoux, and the exercise known as “les Tons” (the Tones)

The Jesuits: The “tones” a Jesuit uses in a sermon , a "Fugitive Piece" not unrelated to the art of musical declamation

The Thésée project of the Arts Florissants and the Festival of Ambronay, France (1998)

Rhetoric and Expression in Lully's French Song

A 16th-century Italian model for the French-style rhetoric presented in my Harmonic Orator

The Rhetoric Woven into Two Songs from Lully's Thésée

Glossary of French Terms of "Movement"