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Orest has been drafting a cluster of articles about Jacques-Auguste de Thou and his History. They will join other studies that take the form of a five-part essay, "Taking off the Toga."  Please see "Studies", where the de Thou pages will soon be available.

All other essays posted prior to the crash in November 2014 have now been reformatted and re-published.

Orest Essays and Articles  

NEW: La Gloire selon Louis de Sacy

Richelieu and La Querelle de la "Mère et du fils," a revised version of the article published in 2003, plus a Coda written in late 2013

Jean Le Clerc as biographer of Richelieu,

Gibbon and Northernness

Favorites and Parliaments (Parlements) in the 1640s: Strafford and Mazarin (

Imposing discordant harmony on the Quarrel over Le Cid.  This will not be re-published on our site because it is available in print: Orest Ranum, "Imposing Discordant Harmony on the Quarrel over Le Cid," in Concordia Discors, Choix des communications...., ed. Benoît Bolduc and Henriette Goldwyn, Biblio 17 (Tübingen: Narr Verlag, 2011), pp. 19-42.

Orest's "Presentation" of our transcription of the Mémoires about the secretaries of State (ms Cinq Cents Colbert 136 and ms fr 18236.  For the transcription, click here.

A note on favoritism in seventeenth-century Great Britain and France, for J.G.A. Pocock

The idea of community in Astérix

Gérard Defaux's criticisms of Orest's "The Civic in Civic Humanism"

Poussin and Chantelou: servitude and friendship

Inventing private space: the Pepyses

On Jamery-Duval's Mémoires

Interior spaces: the exotic and the erotic

Fathers and sons

Informal remarks about Fernand Braudel

On Ranke's Französiche Geschichte

Monarchy in action

Eyeing the Libraires; Men and Women in the Police Dockets

La Bibliothèque du Roi, Foyer de la République des Lettres?

The vocabulary of civil war

Visitors reviews or comments

Sharon Kettering on Household service and literary patronage

Orest Ranum and Patrick Hutton exchange thoughts and recollections about Philippe Ariès

See also the section of this site called "Studies"