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Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Rhetorician

This is a subject with which I am just beginning to come to grips. I plan to look at word-music relationships in selected pieces, along the lines of the pages below:

Rhetoric woven into Charpentier's compositions

Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Jesuit Rhetoric, the Journal de Trévoux, and the exercise known as “the Tones” (les Tons)  

A dot at the beginning of a musical measure: What did it mean for Marc-Antoine Charpentier? which opens comparisons with Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre's use of such dots.

Two Musings about a group of oratorios written for Mme de Guise in the late 1670s discuss Charpentier's rhetoric:
1) Judith, Femme forte and Marian figure: A look at how the Vulgate text was redacted into a libretto for a Guise “devotion,” 1675 and
2) St. Cecilia and Conversions: Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s oratorios in honor of St. Cecilia as expression of the Guises’ mission to convert Protestants, 1676-1686

"Overture" and "Opening": Marc-Antoine Charpentier and "Ouvertures"