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Counseling assassination in 1636: a study of Montrésor's and Goulas's political-ethical vocabularies. It consists of "The printed sources about high politics (1610-1643) that were available by 1670"; "Essay on understanding princely intentions"; "Goulas on Gaston's intentions"

De Thou Studies

The first De Thou Study consists of the multi-part "Taking off the Toga" that was published shortly before the computer crash in the fall of 2014, and that has been reformatted and republished.

As the Table of Contents for the more recent De Thou Studies shows, the second De Thou Study is "The Divinity (or the non-Divinity?) of Henry IV.

The third De Thou Study is "De Thou on Heresy."

The fourth De Thou Study" is "De Thou on Lorraine-Guise Tyranny,"

The fifth De Thou Study is "The De Thou Family's Presence in the History."