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Transcribed Sources

Additional transcriptions of manuscripts will doubtlessly be added to the following list of sources archived in Volume 1: 

Le Livre de la paroisse de Saint Julien de Panat commencé en 1836, transcribed by Patricia Ranum. A wonderful source about Panat and its devoted curates!

Charles Le Maistre’s Voyage en Allemagne, Hongrie et Italie, 1664-1665, edited by Patricia with an essay on travel literture by Orest. The book was more or less stillborn, so the typescript was placed on our “Ranums’ Panat Times” site. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Newsletters from the Fronde, ms. fr. 25025 and 25026, transcribed by Patricia Ranum. Note: owing to the existence of search engines such as, she is not going to re-publish the "cast of characters."

Mémoires about the Secretaries of State (1647), BnF, Cinq Cents Colbert 136/ 18236  and Orest’s “Presentation” of the source

The memoirs of Pierre Prion, a diplomatic transcription by Patricia of the manuscript of the Société des Lettres of Rodez: presentation and the manuscript. This source will not be republished on our site, because it will be published in 2015 under the auspices of the Société des Lettres, Arts et Science de l'Aveyron, Rodez.

Livre de Muances pour les taillables de Panat, c. 1665-1700, transcribed by Patricia