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Pietro Guerrini's visits to the Hotel de Guise in 1685

Factlet first posted on December 5, 2006

In several of my writings I have alluded to the information I found in Florence about Guerrini’s visit to Paris, and particularly his encounters with Mlle de Guise and Mme de Guise. I was speechless when I first read ugh this narrative with its many illustrations of technology; and I still en more speechless when I learned that archivists at the Achivio di Stato of Florence were unaware of its existence! I am pleased to say that this wonderful document has been edited by Francesco Martelli and published by Leo S. Olschki (Florence, 2005)

I’ll quote here the passages to which I referred in my writings. Thanks to this publication scholars can put them in the broader tableau of Paris and the royal court in 1685

On November 8, 1684, Guerrini recounted his failed attempt to pay his formal respects to Madame de Guise, the sister of his master’s estranged wife, at the Luxembourg Palace:

On March 12, 1685, Guerrini alluded to his visits to Mademoiselle de Guise at the Hôtel de Guise:

Guerrini also frequently saw Sir Samuel Morland (engineer, spy, and amateur musician), who at the time was in close contact young Sébastien de Brossard. This was just about the time when Brossard was making friends with Etienne Loulié, the Guise musician!