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 The funeral decorations at the royal necropolis of Saint-Denis went to the monks

Factlet first published on (March 18, 2009

I just came upon a note I took when consulting A.N., K 1716, liasse  6, items 2 and 3, which contains materials about funerals at the basilica. I noted: "The monks get the ornaments! A huge squabble about it, with Sainctot," the royal master of ceremonies. This was no small matter because, for the funeral of the Dowager Duchess of OrlĂ©ans in 1672, the decor consisted of yards and yards and yards of black woolen drap "strewn with silver teardrops"; marble (and fake-marble) skeletons; hundreds of candles of costly white wax, in 300 silver candlesticks; and a silver-gilt crown on the bier. (BnF, ms. fr. 16663, pp. 181-91). Even if we suppose that some of these items (the crown and the candlesticks) belonged to the Crown, enough remained to fight over, down to the burned-down candle stubs, which religious traditionally collected and sold to candle-makers.