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The "Guise Music":

Some thumbnail sketches of the members of Mademoiselle de Guise's ensemble

Having suggested, in my article on music at the Guises and their musicians — "A Sweet Servitude" (Early Music, 1987) — that these princesses had turned to families who "belonged" to them when selecting their household musicians, I have always wanted to delve deeper into the origins of these talented young people.

Since then, working conditions at the Archives Nationales have become so difficult, so discouraging, so inefficient, that I have given up the project and will summarize my findings for the net. The most straightforward references to the sources I consulted are shown in smaller type and within square brackets; more complex citations appear at the end of the presentation of each musician. ("Fich. Lab" indicates the Fichier Laborde that can be consulted in the manuscript department of the Bibliothèque nationale; "MC" indicates a document in the Minutier Central des notaires de Paris at the Archives Nationales; and a number preceded by "Y" cites an Insinuation preserved at the Archives Nationales.

Guise Musicians "Margot" and "Magdelon" and Isabelle
Guise Musicians Jacquet and Brion
Guise Musicians Talon, Grandmaison, and Guyot
Guise Musicians Collin and De Baussen
Guise Musicians Loulié and Beaupuis
Guise Musicians Joly, Carlier, Anthoine and Montailly