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Les Adhémar de Panat/ The d'Adhémars of Panat, circa 1820

Notez: Cette page résume en anglais les renseignements fournis par Charles-Joseph-Eugène, Marquis de Boisgelin, Les Adhémar, généalogie, 1ère partie (Draguignan, 1900) 1900. Ce livre est disponible par Internet grâce au site de la Bibliothèque nationale de France:

The d'Adhémars of Panat in the late eighteenth and nineteenth century

According to the Marquis de Boisgelin, Les Adhémar, généalogie (Draguignan, 1900), pp. 78, 89, Charles-Louis d'Adhémar, vicomte de Panat, an officer in the Dragons under Napoleon I, married his cousin, Joséphine de Spada. It's not quite clear how close a cousin Joséphine was to Charles-Louis, but Charles-Louis's mother was N. de Spada (an Italian family that had settled in Lorraine, p. 78). Joséphine de Spada's father (?) lived at Saint-Mihiel, near Verdun, in Lorraine, in 1802, so she definitely came from the department of the Nord.

Charles-Louis's father was François-Louis d'Adhémar, dit le "chevalier" de Panat, born 1715 (p. 78). His mother was apparently a close relative: she is called "Mlle N.... de Spada." François-Louis had a full military career, was a deputé for the noblesse du Rouergue to the Estates-General of 1789, and died at Limbourg, April 1792.

Charles-Louis and Joséphine's only child was Sidonie-Marie-Caroline, born in 1820. She married at Rodez, January 16, 1838, to Edouard-Joseph-Simon Adhémar de Cransac, son of Simon-Joseph-Louis and Jeanne-Josèphe-Félicité Léotard. The two d'Adhémars were very distant cousins, the Cransacs and the Panats having split off in 15th century. Edouard-Joseph-Simon was born at Toulouse in 1811 and died in 1845 (p. 89). Sidonie subsequently remarried to the Comte de Forger de l'Eguille, a Breton. She and Edouard-Joseph-Simon d'Adhémar had five children, among them Albert, born 1839, who lived at Panat and who, although the older son, is not discussed at length in this book; rather, it was his younger brother, Gaston-Germain, comte de Cransac, b. 1844, who is shown as having a wife and son, Raoul, born 1874.

So, who is involved in the inventories, and when?

May 10, 1823: inventory of things in the house rented to Ch. Chaffau by "Louis" d'Adhémar comte de Panat. This presumably is Charles-Louis, and he signs the document. The house was situated on the place de la Cité and was known as the Hotel des Princes. Boisgelin does not show Charles-Louis's death date, but it is clear that he died between June 1823 and the fall of 1829. Thus Sidonie was a half-orphan by the time she was nine, and perhaps when she was only three or four years old.

Oct. 28, 1829: an inventory was begun at Panat for property of late Sophie-Joséphine de Spada, mother of Sidonie d'Adhémar de Panat. (Sidonie was nine at the time, so she was indeed an "enfant".)

Dec. 5, 1829: an inventory was taken at Rodez of property of late Sophie-Joséphine, in presence and with help of her parents, the Vicomte de Spada and his wife, née de Walterskirchen. Sidonie is their granddaughter, and Charles-Louis was their son-in-law. The Spadas had once lived with Joséphine, but now they lived on the rue de la Barrière in Rodez.


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