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Materials on Charpentier the  man, discovered after the publication of  Patricia's Portraits around Marc-Antoine Charpentier in 2004

It has been almost nine years since my Portraits around Marc-Antoine Charpentier was published!

During those nine years a few discoveries about him and his circle have been made. Since all of these discoveries have been cited or discussed on my, Patricia’s, part of this website, I am providing links to the webpages, to help readers locate more quickly those materials that they will not find in Portraits.

Marc-Antoine Charpentier enters law school, October 1662

Antoine Ferrand: a musical member of the Charpentier circle?

Ms "XLI" of the Lilly Library, a newly identified autograph treatise by Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Jean-Baptiste-Bonaventure Roquefort-Flamericourt and François-Joseph Fétis and their 19th-century biographies of Charpentier

The "new" (mid-18th-century) portrait of Charpentier

April 24, 1691: Marc-Antoine Charpentier, "me de musique du Colege de Louis le Grand," signs a notarial act involving the organ at the Jesuit school (formerly a "factlet dated February 1, 2008, but now a  page in its own right.