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The Four Charpentier siblings and their kin

Note: These pages complement the portraits I sketched in my Portraits around Marc-Antoine Charpentier (2004)

There is his oldest sister, Étiennette Charpentier, a maîtresse lingère. I have prepared a short presentation of her two wills which cast quite a bit of light on the Charpentier family as a whole. (It will eventually be re-published, post-crash, as a "Fugitive Piece.")

There is Marie Charpentier, a nun at Port-Royal of Paris.

Next there is Élisabeth Charpentier, who in 1662 married Jean Édouard, a dancing master and instrumentalist. You can read about the couple in a separate article.

I have  also accumulated bits and pieces about two of the Édouard children: Marie-Anne Édouard-Moreau-Mathas, and Jacques Édouard, bookseller and printer.

Then came Marc-Antoine Charpentier ... that fascinating "black hole" who has continually eluded my clutches in the archives and libraries yet who left us such fantastic manuscripts...

And last of all, there is Armand-Jean Charpentier, a scrivener and royal engineer.

I trust you will like this evocation of the interpersonal relationships in a Parisian family whose members (save for Mathas) appear to have been honest, well-connected, hard-working, devout, intelligent, and well-spoken .... but who, despite their hard work and their protectors, remained modestly obscure and always a bit short of cash.

Meet the Charpentier family!

Marie Sainte Blandine, converse nun at Port-Royal

A comparison of Etiennette Charpentier's two wills

Etiennette's will of 1707  (a "Fugitive Piece")

Armand-Jean Charpentier  

Elisabeth Charpentier and Jean Edouard

Marie-Anne Edouard  
Etiennette complains about the conduct of Marie-Anne Edouard's husband

Jacques Edouard

See also my discussion of Motets melêz de Simphonie, published in 1709 by Charpentier's nephews, Jacques Edouard and Jacques-François Mathas.