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Overview of Charles Le Maistre’s Voyage en Allemagne, Hongrie et Italie, 1664-1665

Paris: L'insulaire, 2003 (ISBN: 2 912268 08 7)
an edition of British Library, ms. Add. 19,568

Why we are reproducing this book in an online version

L’Insulaire, a new small Parisian publisher, intended this handsome book for the summer-reading market of 2003. The book did not catch fire. It was removed from the market before most scholarly libraries learned of its existence. Several years ago the pile of unsold books was handed over to another small editor, who said he planned to make a new cover and incorporate the book into his stock. This apparently has not occurred.

Armed with a few clues provided by L’Insulaire, we attempted to learn the fate of the unsold books. E-mails were not answered; telephone numbers no longer existed; and so forth.

Since the copyright is in my name, I am exercising here my rights and am reproducing the published book in an online form. (I have L’Insulaire’s approval to do so.) Should the book reappear on the market in the future, I will direct readers to the address where a real copy of the book can be obtained!

We hope that, thanks to search engines such as Google, scholars will finally become familiar with that intrepid Jansenist priest and traveler, Charles Le Maistre.

Contents of the published French volume, section by section and page by page, each section being a link to an online version of that section

Signed: Patricia M. Ranum, transcriber and editor of the text, and author of the Introduction; and Orest Ranum, who wrote the introductory material on travel literature.

Sections of the book and page numbers of the book:

Front matter pages 1-6

Presentation of the manuscript ("Présentation")

1. The man  (L'Homme") pages 7-32

2. The travel récit as a genre ("Le récit de voyage") pages 33-40

3. Editing principles ("Principes de notre édition") pages 40-42

Map of the itinerary taken by Le Maistre and companions pages 43-44

Text of the travel account

Text of Voyage en Allemagne... section by section, pages 45-573

Appendix, indexes, etc.

Inventory of Le Maistre's library, 1649 ("Inventaire de la bibliothèque de Charles le Maistre") pages 575-576

Index of place names ("Index des noms de lieux") pages 577-581

Index of persons  ("Index des noms de personnes") pages 583-587

Successive places visited by Le Maistre and his companions ("Chronologie des principales étapes du voyage de Charles Le Maistre") pages 589-590

Table of contents and printing information  ("Table") pages 591-92

Click here to see several examples of Charles Le Maistre's handwriting

Note: In each section of this on-line version of Charles Le Maistre’s Voyage, the start of a new printed page, and the number of that page, are indicated by curly braces — {   } — surrounding a number. For example {45} indicates the start of page 45; page 45 ends where the indication {46} appears.

In the printed book, the numbering of footnotes begins with "1" on each page. That format proved impossible for this online version. The original footnotes have become endnotes that begin with "1" and progress until the end of that section or chapter. Should it be necessary to locate a specific note in the original version (for example, "page 11, note 3"), one goes to page {11} in the online version, and looks for the third note between {11} and {12}: that should be the desired note. In other words, the note number is "18." In a few instances a bit of adjustment is needed: for example, in the printed book note 4, page 16, continues onto page 17. If someone were to cite the final lines of that note, they may well say to look on page 17, although in the online version one finds the number on page {16}: note "43."