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Text of Charles Le Maistre's Voyage en Allemagne, Hongrie et Italie, 1664-1665

Note: In each section of this on-line version of Charles Le Maistre’s Voyage, the start of a new printed page, and the number of that page, are indicated by curly braces surrounding a number. For example {45} indicates the start of page 45; page 45 ends where the indication {46} appears.

In the printed book, the numbering of footnotes begins with "1" on each page. That format proved impossible for this online version. The original footnotes have become endnotes that begin with "1" and progress until the end of that section or chapter. Should it be necessary to locate a specific note in the original version (for example, "page 11, note 3"), one goes to page {11} in the online version, and looks for the third note between {11} and {12}: that should be the desired note. In other words, the note number is "18." In a few instances a bit of adjustment is needed: for example, in the printed book note 4, page 16, continues onto page 17. If someone were to cite the final lines of that note, they may well say to look on page 17, although in the online version one finds the number on page {16}: note "43."

The following sequence of links will take you through the text of Charles Le Maistre's Voyage en Allemagne, Hongrie et Italie, 1664-1665, moving from city to city, and region to region, from Paris to Naples, and back.

Pages 45-69:  Departure from Paris, May 1664, and eastward to Strasbourg via Châlons-en-Champagne, Bar-le-Duc, Toul, Nancy, Sarrebourg and Saverne

Pages 69-89: Across the Rhine to Augsburg, via Willstatt, Oberkirch, Oppenau, Freudenstadt, Esting, Tübingen, Urach, Blaubueren, Ulm and Günzberg

Pages 89-105: Augsburg, Bruck, Munich, Freising and Landshut

Pages 105-125: Ratisbon (Regensburg), descent of Danube by boat via Straubing, Deggendorf, Aschach, Linz, to Vienna (first visit)

Pages 125-149:  July 12, 1664, departure for Hungary and the region occupied by the Turks. The route passed by Traiskirchen, Neustad, Gloggnitz, Spital, Bruck an der Mur, Graz, Leibnitz, Radkersburg, and ended at several encampments near the enemy

Pages 149-174: Encampment near St Gotthard; battle of St. Gotthard, August 1, 1664

Pages 174-196:  Via Güns and Ödenburg, the travellers return to Vienna (second visit) in the company of a Hungarian gentleman (end of volume I)

Pages 197-229: Retracing their steps (Wiener Neustadt, Gloggnitz, Kapfenberg, Bruck, Leoben), the travelers then turn southwards, passing through Sankt Lorenzen, Pöls, Unzmarkt, Neumarkt, Hirck, Moosberg, Villach, La Porte, Pontebba, Venzone, Chiusaforte, Udine, Palmanova, and a boat on the sea north of Venice

Pages 229-256: Venice, September 6-24

Pages 257-274: From Venice to Milan, via Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Mantua, Goito, Brescia, Orzivecchi, Crema, Lodi and Marignano

Pages 274-303:  Milan, Pavia and Piacenza

Pages 303-336: Parma, Reggio nell'Emilia, Modena, Bologna, Imola, Faenza, Cesena, Saviniano, Rimini, Cattolica, Pesara, Senigaglia, Ancona, Loreto, Macerata, Recanati, Muccia, Folinio, Spoleto, Stretture, Narni, Otricoli, and Castelnuovo di Porto on the outskirts of Rome

Pages 336-367: Rome (first sojourn, October 9 to November 12), and a joyous outing to Tivoli

Pages 368-392: Southward to Naples, via Frascati, Velletri, Piperno, Caserte, Terracina, Fondi, Mola, Gaeta, Sant'Agata de Goti, and Aversa

Pages 392-423: Naples, and an excursion to Mount Vesuvius and surrounding volcanic sights (Grotto of the Dog, Lake Avernus, Solfatara, Pozzuloi)

Pages 423-433: Return to Rome along the same road, under the protection of a bandit

Pages 433-481: Rome (second sojourn, November 29 to December 31)

Pages 481-505: Northward via Monterosi, Montefiascone, Acquapendente, Buonconvento, Siena, Florence, Pistoia, Lucca, and Pisa

Pages 505-535: Continuation of their northward journey in bitterly cold weather via Livorno (Leghorn), Viareggio, Massa, Sarzana, Lerici, Levanto (Portovenere), Sestri Levante, to Genoa

Pages 535-550: January 16, 1665: in wind, cold and snow: Campomorone, Ostagio and Novi Ligure, to Turin, which they leave on February 3; they cross the Alps at Mont Cenis on February 5 and descend on sleds (ramasses)

Pages 550-573: Through the Alpine valleys to Grenoble, via Lanslebourg, Bramans, Saint-Jean-de Maurienne, Aiguebelle, Montméllian and Le Touvet; a visit to the Grande Chartreuse; then north to Lyons via Rives and Champier; overland in a snowstorm to Tarare, La Fontaine, Bourbon-Lancy, Roanne, Nevers, and Cosne-sur-Loire; descent on the flooded Loire to Orléans, and return to Paris via Châtres on February 4, 1665