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Some Fugitive Pieces involving Mlle de Guise and her family:

Summaries of notarial documents from the 1660s to late-1680s

Sometimes nothing seems more "fugitive" than the clue you are searching for in the Minutier Central des Notaires at the Archives nationales of Paris. Patricia has therefore begun to "publish" her summaries of actes involving Marie de Lorraine, Duchess of Guise. These summaries were made during the 1990s as she went through each liasse of papers, act by act, and read the introductory section of the act. Taken as a whole, these acts created, for Patricia, an image of the famous and "magnificent" Mlle de Guise; and although few of these acts are specifically discussed in her Portraits around Marc-Antoine Charpentier, they shaped her entire presentation of the different members of the House of Guise.

On coaches and the young Duke's preparation for military service, 1668

Guise notarial acts, 1667-71

Guise notarial acts, 1672-79

Guise notarial acts, 1680-87

Acts involving Isabelle d'Orleans, "Mme de Guise"


Some background information: I am making available my notes about Mlle de Guiseā€™s financial affairs, compiled while going through the consecutive liasses of Notarial Etude XCIX, in the archives of the Minutier Central des Notaires (Archives nationales, Paris). Now and then I insert, within square brackets, a detail that will make my summary more meaningful. I make no guarantees about my deciphering of some of the names; and readings that may be typos are followed by "[??]". Note that the chronological order is often inverted within each liasse: that is because the most recent document was placed at the top of the pile.