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The death inventory of François Chapperon, music master of the Sainte-Chapelle, d. 1698

Read about Chapperon's "taste": Was it "baroque"? or was it "popular"?

One of the more intriguing "fugitive pieces" that Patricia uncovered in the Minutier Central des notaires of Paris was the death inventory of François Chapperon (often written Chaperon), music master of the Sainte-Chapelle, whose position was filled by Marc-Antoine Charpentier in May 1698.

Since the inventory is quite long, it is presented in several parts:

1: The "intitulé," that is, the introductory paragraphs of the inventory

2: The public space in the chapel master's apartment

3: Chapperon's personal rooms in the apartment

4: ... more details about Chapperon's personal rooms

5: The grammar master's room, the choirboys' bedroom, and the housekeeper's room, plus Chapperon's more personal property

6: Chapperon's papers

7: Chapperon's will